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monday mirth: via the underboss

[2009 deadpool]

the mgae.com team ties the leader board.

"Wendy Richard's agent Kevin Francis reported she had died on the morning of 26 February 2009, at the age of 65, in 'The Harley Street Clinic' in Harley Street in the borough of Westminster, London, after being diagnosed with cancer since October 2008. Her husband John Burns was at her bedside at the time. Mr Francis said: "She was incredibly brave and retained her sense of humour right to the end. On the day of her death, a remembrance programme dedicated to Richard was broadcast on BBC One." [via wikipedia]

livejournal.com - 14 points
mgae.com - 14 points
7feet.com - 2 points
webbalert.com - 2 points
others - 0 points
[2009 deadpool]

over the weekend... "[Paul] Harvey died on February 28, 2009, at the age of 90 after being taken to a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. He died while surrounded by family and friends. His son, Paul Harvey Jr., said "millions have lost a friend" in response to his father's death.[19] The cause was not immediately known." [via wikipedia]

worm 21 and the livejournal.com team jump out to a HUGE lead...

livejournal.com - 14 points
7feet.com - 2 points
webbalert.com - 2 points
others - 0 points

2009 deadpool update [LOST spolier alert]

[2009 deadpool]

"In season 5, Daniel notices her having a nosebleed. She later complains of a headache, and says that she once had a thought about her mother, but then couldn't even remember her mother's maiden name. She knows that Daniel knows what she is experiencing, but before he could say, the survivors are attacked by an unknown group of people.[8] Later on in episode 3, she and the survivors time travel to and from the Others' camp, where Charlotte suffers from a severe nose bleed and falls face down on the ground while Daniel rushes towards her.[9] As the episode "This Place is Death" comes to a close it is confirmed that Charlotte's mother was a part of the Dharma Initiative and that a scary man once told her that once she leaves the island, never to come back or else she will die. She tells Faraday that he was the scary man, and soon after dies in his arms." [via wikipedia]

7feet.com - 2 points
webbalert.com - 2 points
others - 0 points

happy festivus one and all...

2008 witless worm deadpool [1 month left]

and down the stretch[er] they come...

worm 11: 7.5 points
worm  3: 5.0 points
others  : 0.0 points

have i missed anything? [2008 dead pool]

sports, sports, sports...

i'm thinking of starting a witless sports livejournal community. no I'm not trying to compete with KSK; i'm just stealing their idea. i tend to have a lot of sports related posts, so it would be nice to have them committed to a separate blog. if others are interested i'll start working on it. if you have better name idea than "witless sports", let 'em rip. technically it could be hosted on another blogging service that supports open-id but truthfully i'm lazy and livejournal would just make it easier to integrate.

witlessworm.com 2007 nfl picks wrap-up

worm 3 is your winner, winner, chicken dinner. [2007 nfl predictions]

worm 3: 8 points
worm 12: 6 points
worm 4: 5 points
worm 11: 5 points
worm 5: 4 points
worm 10: 4 points
worm 2: 3 points

best superbowl ad: [cars.com super bowl ad: stone circle fight to death as plan b]

so with the superbowl out of the way, let's turn our attention to the most important nfl event: the draft. which position of need do you think your favorite team should select with their 1st round pick? the queens would have the witless seal of approval with any of following... DE, WR, CB

No Time For TV live!

Hello again!

Just a reminder that Monday night is my next installment of No Time For TV, my live plays consisting of new episodes of hit television shows. This Monday's show is CSI: Miami, and I'm really excited about it. Last weeks went great, so come out and see what at least ten people are talking about! Here's the details:

Monday, 7pm doors, 8pm show, 400 Bar. There'll be music afterward, possibly my friend Will, possibly more, but it'll be good. And here's the best part, it's free! Well, only if you're 21+, if you're under 21 it's five bucks, but for most of you that means it's free! We also have our full range of excellent tap beers back (tennets, beamish, sam adams, karlsberg, pyramid) and two new additions, Summit big bottles and Fat Tire big bottles (just like at First Ave!). So come down early, have a beer, say hello and enjoy the show.

Here's the link to last weeks show in case you didn't get to see it yet:


Tell your friends! Bring your friends! Send this to your friends!


inspired by the usual "best of 2007" accolades given to everything and everybody. this year i thought we'd do it up, witless style. so worms, it's time to put on your thinking caps and come up some creative categories and the wankers that deserve top prize. categories could include [but not limited too]:

witless song of the year
witless headline of the year
witless viral video of the year
witless sports story of the year
witless sportsman of the year
witless person of the year
witless worm of the year [only available to worms 1-20, very exclusive & prestigious]

awards will be broadcast sometime new years eve. who will win?

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